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Give your employees a resource that will enable them to access information and expertise 24/7

It has been estimated that one in 7 of your employees is likely to be caring for someone who is older, disabled or seriously ill. Research has shown that many carers end up leaving their jobs because of their caring responsibilities.  Give your staff the support they need to enable them to combine their work and home life in the best way possible.

Keeping a local feel…

We know that carers are not homogenous.  They are looking for information that is about and for them.  That is why the Carers Community App allows users to join groups which are topic or geographically based.  If a carer supports someone with dementia and lives in Suffolk, then they can join the two groups which will ensure that they get information that is focused on those areas.

We are actively recruiting local carer organisations and other non-profits to provide localised content and activity.

Give carers in your company the support they need to live the lives they want